Christmas Decorations Are Up

Halloween is over and now everyone is taking down the creepy decorations in the mall and in the village. And when Halloween decorations are taking down, Christmas decorations are up. Yes, even when September starts I could hear Christmas songs already in the mall and now most malls are putting Christmas decorations already. The Christmas tree is seen already in the malls, but me I am just not so ready for Christmas. It sounds like sad or maybe you don’t understand but I am still minding our problem with this house. I know, I know, I mean who am I to complain? There are still people who had problems more than I this time, or people who are battling for any illness that healing is their most precious gifts this Christmas, me is just penny for them. I am trying though, I am trying not to mind this problem, I am trying to be happy and be cool about it but I just can’t avoid getting worried. I am really already stressed on this, which is why I will work again, I should work. I just hope not to get used again of working otherwise…

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