A Creepy Bank On Halloween

Before All Souls Day, I went to Union Bank to deposit a certain amount to activate my renewed eon card. The moment I entered the bank I could see that the display was perfectly done already. All the customers had fun taking pictures some of them even posed for their friends. And since I was alone, I just have to take pictures of the creepy display.

 photo IMG_0158_zps28dd3e4e.jpg

If I could see this at night I could have screamed, but good thing banks don’t open at night. I guess no one would give a damn to take pictures of these creatures. I know it is not real but you know your wild imagination could do a lot of things.

 photo IMG_0159_zps017cba03.jpg

I went out right away after I deposited some funds for my eon card to be connected to paypal but I stopped at the door and took a picture of the whole area again. A week after that they have to take it all off to prepare for the Christmas ornaments.

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