Flooding In The Road

Just last Wednesday night when Mj is having her training and Faith just swam in the kiddie pool, suddenly the rain poured so hard. But even if it rain, when there’s no lightning, the training would still continue. Without us knowing the street on the way is already flooding. My friend suggested not to pass by the road that I usually passed when going home, she is sure it is already over flooding there. So I have to detour, I went to the main road geez the water already rise up near the mall. But since my car is elevated so I worry less. I have to call one of the parents to give them a heads up about the road, I was the one who went ahead and their car is too low but I was surprised they are already behind us. The husband gave me a clue which road to go, it is flooding but not much, I can still get through.

Faith keeps on praying not for us to get stocked up in the flood. She prayed that our car would survive and we did! I was still worried the road going up to the street near where we live. I was hoping that the place will be spare from the flood and I am so happy that it was all dried up. We were able to get home safe, but my niece was not home yet and she informed me that the road directed to the road near our barangay is already flooding, the water rise up. Thank GOD that we were able to pass through just before the water rise up.

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