Hagimit Falls For Your Venture


Just last month the team had a late Christmas Party and one of the places or resort that we went to is the Hagimit Falls in Samal. It was after lunch that we decided to visit the area and it was all worth it. I mean if you are a driver like me who is really having a difficult time with hilly road then it is truly an adventure. I never though I could drive such rocky road but you know what I did.

Anyway, this falls is truly amazing, it is not like the other water falls that you could really have a pain on the neck looking at such long water falls but the Hagimit Falls however is just a short water fall but even so you could already enjoy the scenery. And also the water is just so refreshing. It is rocky but manageable.

The entrance in Hagimit Falls is around P40.00 for adults and P20.00 for kids under 8 years old. From the parking area you have to walk down to the water fall, the stairs are not that long to walk but enough to catch your breath. However the walking is worth it because what awaits you downstairs is the beautiful view of Hagimit Falls.

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