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TranAsia Plane Accident In Taiwan

It is only February, but there are already 2 passenger planes that had crash. The first plane took about a week before they were able to find the debris and the bodies in which they reported no survivors. Now this week, a plane again had crash and this time it is in Taiwan. The moment the plane took off some passengers already heard a weird sound from the engine and moment later, the pilot tried his hardest already not to hit those buildings for a crash landing. But no matter how hard he try and was successful to land it in the river there are still people missing and died. Out of 58 people, only 15 passengers survived. There’s an engine flameout, it means that flames being extinguished in the combustion chamber, the reason why the engine shuts down and no longer drives the propeller. The causes of this could be a lack of fuel, or being struck by volcanic ashes or a bird hits the propeller.

There were numbers of motorists who were able to witness the crash landing, some even captured a video. They rescued the plane right away but even so, there were still many people who were not able to survive.

TransAsia Airways should be liable for all of this. They should check their engine thoroughly before taking off but who are we to judged right? Yet they could  check more.

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