La Boracay

Just last month, our account opened officially and with that, they offered employees a program that could give us a chance to win a free trip to Boracay. I was on training yet at the time when my wave mate said something. He said his name is on the Bulletin Board and I told him maybe you were acknowledged as a top agent. He even laughed at me because we did not take calls at that time yet and they will give him such reward. Anyway, so when the program started, we all gathered at where the program was situated. In the end of the program, his name was called and it was a free trip to Boracay. He was so lucky to ever get that prize, they said our name was in a raffle and they just picked names and so fortunate of him because his name was chosen.

It was last month that he was announced as the winner. And his free trip is fast approaching and I could see the excitement in his face. We cheered for him and hopefully we will get a souvenir from his trip, keychain with boracay printed on it perhaps? I don’t know but to you Homey be safe and Congratulations.

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