31st PTO

I plotted my leave 4 weeks ago I think since my daughter will have a competition on that day. But later I found out, the competition that supposed to be on the 31st this month is moved on June, which is next month. There were speculations though that it will be move on June 13, 2015 and I was closed to plot it again. Good thing, I stopped myself and said to wait for the go signal of our coach. Just a week ago our coach confirmed that it is moved on June 28, 2015. Now the thing is that, whatever reason is when I tried to plot the 28th of June, it was denied. I am not sure anymore, what to do. Our TL though said not to worry since I can still plot at least two weeks before 28th. I hope though because I really don’t want to call in absent that day.

On the 31st, our team decided to have the kids training in Tagum. It was a good thing though and so my leave will be gone to waste. So this Sunday I might be driving again to Tagum to send my eldest daughter for 50 meter pool training.

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