The Batang Pinoy Will Be Held In South Cotabato

Last year, when Mj was qualified for Batang Pinoy, the venue was in Pagadian, which is very far. But now I am thankful that it is just in South Cotabato so it is not that far. My daughter told me this news after she had training last Sunday. She asked me if she could join in Batang Pinoy, it is for her so I said yes or at least after her DCAA event.

What to expect in the place? Oh well, the tricycle is not that almost upside down thing just the ordinary that I always see here. But don’t you know that the first time I stepped in South Cotabato many years ago, it was also my first time to ever eat Pastil, oh no not Pastillas but Pastil. It is a rice wrapped with banana leaf, inside the rice there will be a viand, you can put either sardines or adobo, it’s up to your or the owner what to put there.

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