On Our Way Home

The laugh was so genuine upon going out from work. Before going home, we dropped off to a store that sells unripe mangoes. We shared laugh and stories on our way to get a Jeepney. At long last, we were able to find one Jeepney to get to our destination. There were 2 passengers already ahead of us, there was a guy who seated before us so since there was no one seated before him. I asked him if he could move forward so it won’t be so tight. All a sudden this guy got mad and told me there are so vacant and why should he move forward. So I said, “I was just asking if you can move and if you don’t like to move as if it is you were glued already on your seat then do not move at all”.

I transferred to the seat in front, and this guy still keep on murmuring, my friend noticed that he carried a bag. My friend got a little bit scared coz this guy is big and got muscle. So one hit on me, surely I will get unconscious right away. My friend signaled to not answer anymore but this guy did not stop at all, he was even saying some foul words. I was also looking around, if I could see some policeman but during the time there was no police around, it was during the rally of a certain religion so obviously policemen are guarding the venue where the rally was held.

Good thing though that the guy went down but even before he went down, he also cursed the driver. My friend was relieved and told me that the guy maybe had some difficulty in his life that is why he feels like fighting anyone around.

My friend who also went down with the guy informed us later in FB that the guy seems working in a construction site. So I guess that guy did not take his breakfast the reason why he seems like moving a bit would cause him his life. LOL.

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