No Can’t Travel Yet

I have so many things I need to to update on this blog. And one of these are we were not able to push through on going to South Cotabato for Batang Pinoy because my daughter just stopped. Yes, she stopped last October so she can focus on her studies.

And I promised myself to go to CDO this December to watch my favorite love team celebrity but geez I can’t, because I was not able to buy a ticket and besides no one will be with me. And I can’t travel alone, I mean where should I go, which hotel perhaps. On the other hand, they will have concert next year in Manila at Araneta Coliseum and my friend just asked me I would go hmmm, I hope he will accompany me, this will be his first travel too. I hope he will also pursue it. And anyway before you would think of something else, this friend is a gay and yes he is in relationship so don’t doubt I am still married and getting strong.

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