We Miss Him

It has been 2 years that my husband came to visit us here. Our budget is so tight that he can’t even book a flight to come here. Anyway I can still remember the last time he went here, he bought us different kinds of watch. We even have a couple watches, one watch for Mj and Faith. When he went back to the US, he left his watch with me, and I was using mine all the time. The lock isn’t that strong, I mean it kept on falling off from my wrist until one night when I was off to work, it just falls off and I can’t find it anymore. And now I am using my husband’s wrist watch. I will just buy one for him if I get the chance; I mean I can always look at Joy Jewelers broncos jewelry to find a perfect watch for my husband when he comes here. I heard they offered quality kinds only so I know I won’t say sorry in the end, if ever I decide. How I wish that he can come here in no time. We totally miss him!

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