To Beat Jet Lag

Eat if you want to overcome Jet Lag

3 day to go feast

High protein breakfast and a high carbohydrate dinner. Limit caffeine to between 3pm to 5 pm

2 day to go fast

Light meals only today like salads, soups, fruits and juices.

1 day to go feast again

Back to high protein for breakfast and lunch and a high carbohydrate dinner. Don’t forget to limit your caffeine too.

Day of travel fast again

Limit your caffeine to the morning if you are flying West or between 6 pm and 11 pm if you are heading East. Flying long haul? Try to sleep, waking at breakfast time at your final destination and staying awake until landing. High protein breakfast is best. Avoid alcohol  and aim to drink 200 mls of water, each hour.

This tip is from Heathrow’s four day plan, got this from this site

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