Batman Vs Superman An Event

Last March 26, our account treats us all for a movie. It was just the right timing because it was our day off during that day. But it just sad because right after the movie I have to go home right away so I can sleep since I have work later in the morning.

The movie was entitled “Batman vs Superman”. It was about the two super heroes fought without really having a base why they have to end up fighting, a misunderstanding somehow, the reason why Batman is mad at him but good thing that they have the same Mother’s first name otherwise they were not able to destroy the true culprit in the movie.

This is the only picture my niece took during the event:

 photo 12933036_10208640759312521_8331514602041676750_n_zpsxpyu4fxk.jpg

My niece and I waiting for the line to move

 photo 12938363_10208640759792533_4239238157375184853_n_zpsvvse37xd.jpg

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