Travel Light

When we were always traveling for Mj’s competition, I was always having problem with putting all the stuffs in our baggage that we oftentimes end up having extra baggage. And you know extra baggage means extra charge. From then on, I was doing research on how to travel light. Since we always travel during summer before, what I always bring are pair of shorts and shirts. Underwear is also counted. I also checked if it was enough with the days that we will stay in that place.

When I only have small space in my bag, I would roll my shirts so to fit in the space that I had. This applies if you want to pack light, you should be willing to live with less or live within your budget. You should not forget that this is only temporary, a one-time vacation so you don’t have to bring the whole house just to satisfy yourself with this trip. When you bring enough the less you will spent.


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