Hitting The Road For Team Building

Yes! The counting is over. We are here going to the venue where we will meet my workmates. I will be driving my car to work and park my car there so when we get back tomorrow, I will be driving back the car again to home.

I got up so early and woke Mj up too so we will not be late. But sad to say we were still late because we have to wait for my workmate to meet us. We were texting him, he said he is on his way it is just that the Jeep that he rode is so slow and was picking up some passengers on the way.

When my workmate came, I took the Diversion road so we can arrive in the venue not too late. I have to hit 60 or even higher just to save us from fines. Good thing our Team Leader decided not to impose it. When we arrived, we have to wait to one of our workmates so we will go together in Tagum.

We hoped to arrive early but unfortunately the bus that we rode busted. The aircon blew up that makes it so smelly. We could not even take it so we went out. The bus driver decided to transfer us to another bus, which already on its way. When we were in the bus, I feel like my stomach is already growling.


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