Our Experience In The Hot Spring

The team building went fine, there are some changes of plan but it’s all worth it. So instead of sleeping over at my friend’s house we decided to just have an overnight stay in the hot spring and instead of taking a motorcycle, we rode an L300 van for us to reach our destination. The father of my workmate was able to find transportation for us to go to the hot spring. When we arrived at the hot spring, there is an electricity outage. The owner said that we need to wait outside the resort to avoid any accidents if we will soak ourselves to the hot spring. Our team leader was able to talk to the owner and promised that we will not go down to the water unless the electricity will go back.

So the moment that we entered the resort, we prepared our dinner right away. Yeah, we ate immediately while waiting for the electricity to go back. And we were lucky, we did not even finish the food yet the electricity went back already.

We have so much fun soaking our feet to the hot spring, it is indeed relaxing even though the water is not deep I mean it is just so swallow, I guess it is only one feet deep but the moment you will lie down to it, all the pains that you felt will simply go away.

So even the night was cold, you will never be feeling cold at all, you will be warmth with the water. You will enjoy just staying there and get a little wet.


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