The Place Is Quiet Amazing

I wanted to resign but Mj stopped and told me not to resign otherwise we could no longer join any team building and absolutely she was talking about our recent trip in Compostela Valley.

Everyone is so excited for the trip, this will be our first time to go out of town. I know that a 4 hour travel is not that much but with the thought that I can experience soaking myself in to a hot spring oh well, that’s another story.

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We are waiting for our workmates who went to wet market to buy some ingredients for our dinner. We were still in Tagum at this time.

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When we arrived at our workmate’s house we prepared our dinner right away. 

The whole place is quiet amazing, I even wonder where the hot water came from. I expected an active volcano nearby but my workmate said it could be the sulfur.

 photo 13043766_10208780904776070_5575943785562937898_n.jpg

Me and my traveling feet sent me over to this place. The warmth water is just so stress relieving. The place is quiet far and too quiet to endure. If I will stay there for a week, I know I can’t sustain the silence of the place since I am not used to countryside but the hot spring is just so overwhelming. If you want a place that is relaxing and with minimal cost, try to visit the place.

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