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I Went To China!

I love to travel, in fact I was hoping that I can go somewhere else and live there but due to some circumstances it didn’t happen. I thought our papers were moving but how can it move while it was not submitted after all. So anyway, enough of that drama I can’t take back of what happen before. On the other hand just the other day my eldest daughter and I went to SM Ecoland to supposedly get some free boxes of Krispy Kreme but to my disappointment, I don’t know what happen but we found out that it is not true. I even made some funny joke to my eldest daughter to ask to tell us the truth if they have some freebies that day since as what my friend says it’s their anniversary but my daughter keeps on laughing and told me to be still, she couldn’t ask the staff because she was shy. Anyway, since we did not get any freebies that day, we just roamed around the mall and found this 3d paints. It is so awesome; it feels like you are in that place going to the tower. I think that was China, picture below.

 photo 13321913_10209051975552670_5541121717982524216_n.jpg

Thanks to SM Ecoland because they helped me reach my dream to at least experience China with this 3D paint. I want to have more pictures as they portray different places but my youngest daughter was already shy to take pictures so I stopped.

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Once In A Blue Moon

Before when I travel, I always have my laptop and a portable USB for my internet. So even I am on a trip, I won’t skip a day to update my blog or post my task. But it is different now, I always leave my laptop at home and we will just do a backdate when I have a chance. I always miss my studio workstations before where I can just place my laptop at home; I hope I can bring the whole workstations with me. But you know what I miss now?  I miss the way I hooked up with my post online but with my hectic schedule now, I just couldn’t do it. But I swear I am trying to catch up. I am not sure though that my next trip, I will bring my laptop with me to update everything. I guess not, we also need to breathe away from work, away from reality. We also need to have fun at least once in a blue moon.

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One Last Team Building For All Of Us

After our team building in Compostela Valley, I and my friends are planning to visit Enchanted River in Surigao. We planned for this month. My friend suggested that every pay day we will collect P 250.00 so when the time comes for our day to go to Surigao, we have enough money and it will not be heavy to our budget.

May came, nothing happened. No one initiated to collect the money as what we agreed. I guess everyone is on a tight budget. But I hope, the plan will push through at least before we will say good bye to this work. One last team building for all of us?


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The Smallest Guitar

One of our workmates brought her guitar when we had our team building last month. I was so amazed with the size of her guitar; it is small for her she said she bought the guitar when they went to Bohol. Yeah, I haven’t seen a guitar that size before maybe I had but I just ignore it.

Moreover, Mj asked her where she learned how to play guitar, she said that she learned it from the nearest guitar center in their place. Strumming guitar really helps my workmates pinned their boredom, while some are cooking for dinner, some were just chilling out, playing the guitar. Some shared of their chords or songs that they know and they would strum the guitar together.


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