Road Trip With Workmates

It’s the last day of our shift, because tomorrow will be our rest day. I want to finish my online task but I just can’t do it because my laptop is still in the shop. So I plan to go to the Internet Cafe to at least update my blog. I told my friends that I could not be with them going home because I need to post the opportunity that a site gave me. One of my friends suggested that I can use their computer at home for free and unlimited. But I declined the idea until one workmate let me borrow his netbook. I was actually surprised I mean one workmate is letting me borrow his laptop, I mean that’s pretty amazing right, never in my entire life that somebody offered me a help.

On the other hand, we still have to pick up the laptop in their house. In exchange since I guess he misses driving he was the one behind the wheel now. I was in the back seat but geez I have to hold tight because he ran the car so fast not the usual way when I am driving it. I know that I tend to be a backseat driver, I could not help it I guess I am not use to it. My workmates laugh so hard of my reactions, because I kept on mumbling and it is seen to my face that I already got nervous, he slow down later though but they could not stop the laugh.

It was indeed a road trip but I guess next time I will be the one behind the wheel. It is not that I didn’t trust my workmate but it is best if I am the one handling it, I could not feel any goosebumps.


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