Once In A Blue Moon

Before when I travel, I always have my laptop and a portable USB for my internet. So even I am on a trip, I won’t skip a day to update my blog or post my task. But it is different now, I always leave my laptop at home and we will just do a backdate when I have a chance. I always miss my studio workstations before where I can just place my laptop at home; I hope I can bring the whole workstations with me. But you know what I miss now?  I miss the way I hooked up with my post online but with my hectic schedule now, I just couldn’t do it. But I swear I am trying to catch up. I am not sure though that my next trip, I will bring my laptop with me to update everything. I guess not, we also need to breathe away from work, away from reality. We also need to have fun at least once in a blue moon.

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