Celebrating Somewhere

They said that when someone will go, somebody would come in to your life. That’s a statement from someone, and somehow it is true. I found friends at work, some were closed to me already but they resigned and right there and then we stopped seeing each other. It sad but I guess that’s life.

On the lighter note, when someone leaves expect someone would come along and will join you in your journey. I met someone at work, his name is Richard but we name him Amanda and obviously, I don’t have to explain further why, what happen and the reason behind that name.

Nevertheless, we became close and we have plans to travel soonest. We plan on going to Cebu and Bohol but the final booking should be last week and definitely we are already late for that. Now we are planning to go to Camiguin instead on the 2nd week of August. I guess this will be push through because we have few months yet to prepare and we don’t have book in advance besides I am sure that on that month my loan in RFC will be over. Yeah, it will be over and I want to unwind. I want to celebrate because finally I don’t have loan anymore, I don’t have to think where to get some money to pay. Don’t get me wrong, my husband sends me money to pay our loan in RFC but of course we have to sacrifice some leisure and on August here comes the celebration. I would make sure that even though we can’t travel as plan, I will have to go somewhere to mark my happy day.


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