La Isla Bonita Price And Cost

I was task by the team to inquire for the resort that we will go for team building next month. Last Wednesday, since it is our rest day, I have the chance to give the resort a call. It is okay to search online regarding the resort and check for the costs, it is convenient since it is just a click away but for me it is more pertinent if we were able to talk to a person to ask question. For me it is well situated, you can rely that your inquiry is much more updated. No wonder many of our customers still want to process a payment with us than making a payment through online. We recommend trying online though since they don’t have to process a convenience fee, they still choose to talk to us, they said they can trust more if they can verify the payment to a live representative.

On the other hand, we choose the La Isla Bonita this time for our team building. I inquire the transportation and how much would it cost us to do it by land or by charter boat.

Going there, we have to take a commercial boat going to Isla Reta. The fare is P80.00, from Isla Reta we can take their van which cost us P70.00 going to Isla Bonita, while if we will take the charter boat it will cost us P 200.00 straight to the resort itself.

The entrance fee of the resort overnight is P 140.00. Open cottage is P 400.00

If you would like to rent their tent, here are the prices.

For 2 people it will cost P 200.00

For 4 people it will cost P 400.00

For 6 people it will cost P 600.00

There you go; I will have to post a picture of the resort next time.


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