I Was Not There

Last Friday was the Buwanang Wika of my kids school. But sad to say I was not able to attend  the program because I have work and my log off from work is at 11:30 in the morning. Since the payroll was released that day, me and my friends went out for lunch, after lunch I went to Pag ibig to pay our monthly payment for the house in Ph 1. My niece met me there, I thought she would submit a resume to one of the company in the city but to my surprise she said she won’t because she will go to the mall. I got pissed off, I mean she should stay at home if she just have nothing to do something important. Good thing that she listened and she did not went out instead she went with me going home.

I arrived at school at 3 in the afternoon, Mj said they are already done performing. Yes she was the lead guitar in their band. I was disappointed of myself because I did not see them perform. I even got dismay since  I wasn’t able to attend my  youngest daughter program in the morning. Sigh! Sometimes it is very hard when you are a working mom, some special events of your kids, you cannot avoid to not be there because of work constraints.

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