My Eldest Daughter Field Trip This Year

The next day, it was Mj’s turn to explore the farm during their field trip. Good thing she brought my camera with her. She was able to take pictures of those animals in the farm.

 photo FotorCreated_1.jpg

They noticed that there were garbage scattered on the ground so her classmates and her initiated to pick it all up one by one.

 photo IMG_0091.jpg

Mj and her friends

 photo IMG_0098.jpg

After picking up those garbage, they were toured around the farm, they were fascinated with the plants and seeds lined up. They were asked to try to plant one seed and they had so much fun.

Join the fun here

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  1. Jesh StG says:

    Don’t know how you found me, but many thanks for the visit! Farms are great learning experiences! Glad they took it all in!

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