We Will Be Visiting Magallanes Condominium Tomorrow

Mj’s school Principal picked to represent the school for swimming this coming DAPRISA. It is a competition for private school in their unit. Mj was hesitated at first because she doesn’t want to go back to swimming anymore. And she wanted to explore another sports but I guess she could not avoid swimming since this is what she was trained for. So she said yes to her school principal.

Tomorrow she will start her training again with the school coach. I decided not to go back to our old swimming club since we really won’t go back to swimming. The training is only a preparation for the DAPRISA competition. She will have training in Magallanes Condominium since her coach has some classes there. It is a one on one training, since she is the only who will join the swimming competition. I hope everything will go smoothly. I haven’t visited this condominium before, I will surely take some pictures for sure. I am looking forward for a nice view and relaxing ambiance when we get there after Kumon tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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