Remembrance From DAPRISA

Last Sunday, Mj join the DAPRISA competition, I lose hope already of getting a remembrance from the event or taking some pictures for the event because I was not able to attend to her. I had work and I wasn’t able to file a leave. Good thing that her teachers were able to take some pictures. They were so amazed with Mj’s performance, especially when she dives; her teacher said it was perfect.

These are the two pictures that she was able to take during the event, and I could not even happier. At least through pictures, it feels like I was there too.

 photo 14495271_1272578439428666_6926405457902523273_n.jpg

Mj turns to swim, gave her smile to her teacher

 photo 14484947_1272579029428607_90321995061614065_n.jpg

When Mj tried to swim fast, her teachers tried also their best to capture her stroke but then they always failed. Sometimes, Mj is nowhere in the picture, or it was blur this is the only picture that it’s clear when she is on the water.

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