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Back To Being A Member

It has been a year already that I gave up being a member in Global Pinoy, since I could not meet their requirements. One of their requirements is to submit a Passport or Visa from my husband, which I could not send in because he is not here and he seems, could not make a copy at all and I don’t know why? But recently when I went there to get my husband wired for us, I asked the in-charge again of the requirements if they really needed the Passport or Visa of my husband, they said they no longer needed it and all I have to do is to surrender my old Global Pinoy card and I’ll just present my ID then that’s it. I am a member again.

 photo 576dd74b-ac3b-42b8-ae3f-889fe1a980ae.jpg

This is their new ID, it’s too green, seems like it reflects to the environment because of its color and I like it. 

I could not contain my happiness when I became a member again, now I have some place to stay whenever I need to wait for my kids especially during Friday since I have to wait for them in the pool.

 photo 14724505_10210265967781717_6542915497920954431_n.jpg

To renew the card, you have to pay P 150.00 for 1 year membership instead of 2 years.

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