Where To Next?

It is fun and adventurous to travel with your best friend but there are times, I mean most of the time, the fun of traveling will be ruin because of a certain thing that would blame the other. So if you have the same travel and or photography interest with your best friend, create a planner.

If you are in a place, plan the tourist spots that you would both to visit so you will not end up together blaming each  other because the time was not enough at all. Or it was wasted because the other plan was window shopping and you want to explore a certain place. Follow the planner, other things can be done when the time is right so you will be able to enjoy the travel and can explore all the spots you want to visit. Avoid blaming if there were unavoidable circumstances instead own up the mistake by a group, just be cool and relax. Remember, you should enjoy the trip and just ignore the mishaps, just laugh of the mistakes and I am sure everything will be in places.



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