Villa Nilda In Toril

 photo download 3_1.jpgJust today, I and my friends from work chatted for our upcoming team building. I hope this is not only a drawing since it has been a while that we are planning yet nothing was realized. Maybe we are just too busy at work, trying to attain our goal for our team score. On the other hand our friend, told us about this resort in Toril. I am not familiar with it but when I see the pictures of this resort, my jaw-dropped, and the place looks so inviting. It is maybe in a secluded part in Toril since I haven’t heard of this before. I didn’t know how much the place is, but if I have free time anytime soon I might ask how much will be the rate and the corkage as well.

I just don’t have time today, I have to do thins I need to priority. And geez I lacked of sleep, I need to gain sleep today since tomorrow I am sure I will only have few hours to sleep. Anyway, the picture above is not mine, just grabbed it from GOOGLE.

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