Make Some Budget For My Daughter’s Piano

My daughters recital is upcoming and yet I did not buy my youngest daughter a piano, as I need to pay their tuition fees first today. I already got a letter that it is compulsory to have their piano during the practice and in the recital. I already message my husband about it I hope we can buy the piano on Saturday.  I hope I have a credit card and I can just buy it through online stores but I don’t have. I tried to verify the text message from one of the bank saying I can send my requirements but when I checked it one of the branches, they are not familiar with it. Good thing though that my eldest daughter has her own resources where to borrow the electric guitar. I am thankful that she has some friends who can lend her the guitar.

The recital will be in one of the malls here in Davao, I hope I can file a vacation leave for the event.

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