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Not The Irresponsible Christian At All

Remember that I wrote about being so irresponsible by not taking the part of being a Christian, sacrifice my time to at least remember how GOD suffers a lot when he walked down to Calvary, sacrifice himself to save us from sins. I knew I had worked beforehand and have work afterwards, but I recalled how I was so committed with this task with my friends, my friends always doing this during Holy Week while I keep making an excuses not to do it I am busy and this time, I realized GOD just want us for a little time to remember, to recall what our Almighty did for us. And I am so thankful that my eldest daughter went with me, doing the Way of the Cross in Shrine.

Yes, it’s not the traditional one, like waking up in a wee hours to join the march but we can do our own march until the Station 14 and I was glad I did it.

 photo 17974471_10212227245972446_1668232368_n_zps9jv4ssgg.jpg

It was so scorching hot, summer is now really kicked in, good thing I have my pair of slippers in our car that I was able to use. The way is kind a hard because it is all the way uphill, what we had was just a bottle of water. We were sweating so hard when while climbing up. But it was so fulfilling, I beat my being irresponsible and decided to do my role as a Christian.

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