Almost Got The Job In A Cool-Chic Place

I was recommended by my cousin, she told me about the hiring and when they called me, I went there right away for an interview. The next day I was in a final interview. The first question is if I already resigned, and I answered “not yet” I was willing to get the job if they would hire me but I need to render a resignation letter and I can’t start right away, I need to render at least 2 weeks even though the requirement is one month. I am willing to risk my tenure-ship for them but they didn’t, they wanted my answer right there and then so I said I think about it.

I love the place, I was able to sneak a peek in the floor, it is so cool, and they have their music on and so loud. The whole place is just cool-chic. But I can’t be there, I can’t just leave my current job and disappear like a bubble. I can’t do that; this company hired me professionally so I should exit gracefully and diplomatically. I need to at least be fair to them.

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