Car Is Busted

It has been like days now that our car seems dragging when I run it on the road especially when I run through the uphill. I am having a hard time maneuvering it but I don’t want to stop in the middle, I am afraid that I might going to create traffic. So when I got home this time, I asked the mechanic to road test it, but he is already giving me signs to overhaul it again yet he still tried to send it over to the shop to identify what’s the problem of the car. And they were able to come out with a solution and that’s to overhaul it again. I am hesitant, I mean it has been like how many times it was overhaul and yet we are having the same problem for God’s sake it runs only one year and it’s damage again. I really want it to sell but how can I sell it this time while its broken, I need to fix it so I can get a buyer. I am positive that if I will fix this, I can find someone to buy it.

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