Team Bonding In D Leonor

Our team building was not almost realized this year but because our supervisor is pushing it to make it happen. We were able to make it last May. The whole team went to D Leonor; the place is just within the city. Faith is the one I tag along, Mj was always with me whenever we have team building so I guess this time it is Faith turn.

Right after our lunch I and friends roam around to check how much is the pool and how can we get to the big pool. Yes I didn’t know they have 2 pools now in D Leonor, the first one is the wave pool the 2nd one is a normal pool, the only exciting there is they have this big basin like on the top that once it will full, the whole basin will get upside down to make the water pour down extremely to the slide. Faith was having fun on the big pool after complaining during lunch since we didn’t have many activities.


Meet my two closest friends at work, Amanda and Marlen

D Leonor is located in Buhangin Cabantian 

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