Traffic Overload

This afternoon, when I fetched Faith from school I noticed the traffic jam again.

This week there were number of times that the traffic was overload, just recently they said it is because Phoenix gasoline station had lower their gas prices to P10.00 per liter but it was only until 12 noon that day. So all of the private cars, jeepneys and the like rushed to their stations to avail the promo that caused huge traffic jam, many were stranded that day. The 15 minutes drive was almost up to 3 hours that day.

This time, I was wondering why it got traffic again. I was even afraid that we might get stuck and we will be home late. Good thing there was an empty Jeepney approaching us that I was able to hail right away. Faith was quick to jump to the Jeepney to get a spot. When I got home, I checked what was going on; I found out that the traffic was caused by a landslide in Diversion road, which is why the main road got a traffic jam again. Tomorrow I wonder the flow of the traffic, hope it would be easy this time.


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