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It Can’t Just Ruin Your Health

And so I will be in training for 3 months and they already started the gimmick in the team. Last Friday, after the shift the whole team agreed to have a get together. We went out to KTV, of course there were drinks and liquors but I did not drink. I made a promised to myself not to do such again, like drink and get too drunk. I went there to have fun with singing but with them who are a little bit tipsy already, it is hard to get a hold for the microphone at all. Either the mic was taken away from you or the song will be deleted. So I didn’t have the chance to sing. Nonetheless, I still have fun, looking at them got a bit wasted. I can still remember when I got wasted, it was not nice to look at because they are all making fun of you right after. So I made a promise not to do it again, never again. It can ruin your health and not only that but also your reputation.

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