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Will Stay Or Not?

I will be getting a bonus on April from my February performance and I am planning to spend some of it for a stay in a hotel in downtown. We never been to this hotel before, this is one of the newest hotel in downtown. I want to experience staying in the said hotel even just for a day with my kids of course. But I can only do that if I would still continue working so that means I may need to stay for longer time. Because I have plans of getting bonus every month but how can I do that when my score did not pass for this month. There’s only one week left and my detractors are coming for this week. I am so devastated; I already exerted my effort to at least not to get any detractor but I failed and what bad thing is that it is coming like nonstop. I can’t seem to shield it from coming. I guess if I need to treat my kids for a one night stay at Seda, I need to work so hard for the month of April. Lord please help me!

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