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Couched Potato And The States In Z Nation

Just recently I was so hooked up with the series in Netflix.

But among the series I watched, I got more interested with the Z Nation. They have passed by a number of states to send Murphy to the CDC Lab in California, which they found out later that the laboratory is in the submarine.

What I got so interested and enjoyed was they have to stop some states and have their adventures there with of course the puppies and the kittens (zombies). In the first season from Camp Blue Sky, they en route to Sleepy Hollow New York. Supposedly, they expected to be airlifted Mt. Wilson Laboratory in Los Angeles but something happened in Camp Blue Sky that they need to go back for the remaining survivor, later they were in a truck after the Camp Blue Sky was overrun but the Zombies.

They traveled by land and soon they will run out of gas, so they need to stop by in New Jersey  to refuel. From New Jersey, they passed by Philadelphia. The team meets the group where Cassandra was with before they met her in New York, they later found out that Cassandra ran away from her group previously as she could not take anymore their way of living. Cassandra’s group became cannibals to survive, tricked some passersby as their victim. A human meat is their way to live.

Citizen C in North Pole is the one who monitors them to make sure that the package, which is Murphy will be deliver safe to the CDC Lab, informed the group to go to McLean Virginia, hoping the team can get an airlift for them to get to California right away but to their disappointment the place is already in Chaos including the General and there is no helicopter at all to  be able to fly.

Later, they went to Warren’s place, where she thinks that she left her husband in their hometown. But a huge tornado threatens the group. However, even though Warren had a hard time realizing everything, somehow through the tornado she was able to find a closure to her dead husband. After the tornado it’s time to move on from Hannibal Missouri to Western Kansas

These were 4 out of many states they were able to passed by just to get to CDC Lab, I will be posting more of them some other time. It’s time to hit the sack, hope to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for work. Yup 4 days to go and I am out!

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