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Missing Flight

Everyone was stunned when the Malaysian Airline MH370 has gone missing after two hours from departure; they had lost signal from the plane. The plane supposed to land in China at 6:30 in the morning Saturday, passed 7 in the morning, the airport reported of a missing airline. Until today, they still could not determine where the plane is.  About 227 passengers and 12 cabin crew. Yesterday, they reported of possible fuel leak in the 90 kilometers (56 miles) south of Tho Chu Island, they also spotted a rectangular object in water, which they believed, it came from the airline. This is the breakdown of the passengers from the missing airline:

China – 153, including one infant
Malaysia – 38
Indonesia – 12
Australia – 7
France – 3
United States – 3 including 1 infant
New Zealand – 2
Ukraine – 2
Canada – 2
Russia – 1
Italy – 1
Taiwan – 1
Netherlands – 1
Austria – 1
Plus the 12 Cabin Crew

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Travel And Field Trips

I thought that the air craft that crashed landed in LAX San Francisco has no fatalities; I saw the images first in FB when a friend posted the picture but I just ignore the news, I didn’t read the entire news since I know how techie they are and how quickly they would respond with this kind of emergency. San Francisco International airport is the one of the biggest airport in the whole world, and I mean they are equipped enough to handle this kind of happenings but it was unexpected that the two students were killed in the accident. Two students were killed; both are 16 years old, their teachers said they were heading to summer camps. Both are very competitive, so young yet they were not able to continue their dreams because of the accident.

Remember the bus tragedy in Baguio? Students and some teachers were out for a field trip but on their way home, the bus collided into another 2 vehicles. Six students and one teacher died on the said accident, the Dep ED were alarmed for this accident and so they announced of no field trip policy in Universities and School. The accident in Baguio was the 2nd accident due field trips, the first one was a student hit badly by a bus that the school hired for their field trip, the student was said to be in front of the bus.

When my youngest school announced that the next field trip will be no parents allowed together with the preschoolers. I did not approved, good thing that they are sending letters for those who would like to allow their preschoolers to attend the annual field trip, the letter is said not to be compulsory. So I will not send my kid to the field trip this year, I mean I guess no parents could be comfortable with this policy after all.

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The Departure

 photo 20130701_202108_zps6706f227.jpg

I forgot again the camera yesterday when Daddy has to go to the airport for Maryland. Good thing that Mariel’s phone served its best although some were a little bit blurry. Faith was holding her Daddy very tightly hoping though that we could come with him. But when Daddy is already near at the entrance it is sad to say that he have to let go of Faith.

 photo 20130701_202217_zpsc4fc87fe.jpg

We waited Daddy for him to finish checked-in his bag. Mariel was able to take a picture of the signage Departure area. It is just the right timing because I can blog with it. After the checked-in of his bag, Daddy went out to pacify Faith because she has been crying since he went inside the Departure area.

Daddy promised Faith that they can be together on a plane even if it is only for Manila. I am hoping it would happen very very soon.

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Rescue Plane For The City


The Typhoon Pablo has made a landfall at 4:00 a.m. this morning, while sleeping; I could hear the pouring of the rain in our roof. At 5:00 a.m. my husband called me on the phone since I told him the other night of my schedule to wake up. My niece woke up too and started to prepare our breakfast, the rain keeps on pouring so hard. At 8:00 a.m. the gusting in the wind is so strong, I was not worried of flood or landslide but the roof! Yes our roof was almost taken away by Pablo.

The local Government was prepared, they made some precautions, more than anything else they are ready. But I hope we have more rescue plane like the picture above so when things get worst and there are lots of residences need to be rescued, we can save them immediately. The houses near at the river needs fully attention, I could still remember the flash floods happened last year. That was very devastated, correct me if I am wrong but there were 30 or more people died on those flash floods and mostly the victims were kids.

God bless our city! Typhoon Pablo is still in the vicinity of the Philippines and it won’t leave the country until Sunday. Keep safe everyone!

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