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Posting My Top Commentator

I am posting now my top commentator in my info box. I never thought I have this but when I tried to tweak the lay out that Mabelle gave me last month; I found out that I have an info box. So after the tweaking for almost a day, I put the banner codes of my top commentator and activated my info box then viola, I have my top commentator posted. And Oh let me also acknowledged my three top commentators for this Month. But please be informed that the top commentator will be according to the numbers of your comment, it would still be change at the end of this month.

Thank you Ryheanne

I just would like to thank Ryheanne of Anything and Everything for being so generous of giving me a header for this blog. I just noticed the message this morning since I fell asleep last night, unintentionally, my computer was not even shut off and was on overnight because I really tend to go back online after I sent back F to her bed but oh well, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get up and do some task here online. On the other note, it was all worth it, because I really need to rest from a very hectic day yesterday.

Once again, I really thank you Ryheanne for the lovely header, look! I just used it.

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