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Another Plan

So I already mentioned here about putting mini grocers but I have another plan though and that is to assign my oldest sister to be the one guarding the store.

I gave her P 200 each day up to Saturday and right now since I don’t have work, it would be better I guess if I will assigned her to do things in the mini grocers that I will be  putting up. But I will still be the one doing the inventory and monitoring of stocks to make sure that I will gain too.

Somebody told me I should get 10% from the earning that we have each day, the 10% is my net already. I am thinking to just save the net in the bank to check how much will be the total each month.

But since sister will be the managing the mini grocers that means to say I should not be working. It’s a long time plan; I still have to save for the mini grocers, maybe 2 or 3 years of working at the BPO. I am not sure yet, maybe I will take this option or the other option. Let’s see…

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Until We Will Be Known

I was on my way to NSO today; I was in Jeepney thinking over things. Thinking if I would be able to stay long to my new job until I thought about the store that I put up long time in sister’s house, The store is closed for long years already and I was thinking, what if I would open it up and I will be the one to manage, maybe it will work this time. I almost want to back to the house to talk about this with my sister but I have to put a hold on it since I need to gather all my requirements for my new job.

So if my training will be too far yet maybe I would start the small business a bit earlier, maybe on September or October but if my training schedule is earlier then I may have to start the small business on December or January. I already have in mind what are the things I am going to put there. The brother in law will be the one to assist me there; I will just give him maybe P 500. 00 per week for the meantime until we will be known.

I hope this plan will be set real soon.

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A Review

I just chatted with my friend in FB, one is resigning again. I get scared, what if I will lose this job too I have nothing to go unless if I will do some business.  Of course we need to have a feasibility study just like what my husband suggested. I need a business review too so that my whatever I am selling or whatever my business is it will going to be known in the internet, I’d like to check Cozy Winters Reviews I am sure they can offer me something, something that I can attract more clients. And that something will give me more opportunity.

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Partnership: Would It Work For Me

My sister and brother-in-law have been trying to get me interested in printing for years.  They really want to do it for themselves. But there are a lot of options out there that can do the printing you want at affordable costs.  For example, you can find cheap catalog printing for your business.  Not only can you have the catalog printed, but view tips on catalog design and layout.  Businesses have a lot to worry about besides paying high costs for printing.  Just like me when I shop, it behooves them to look for bargains and if they can find cheap printing them it would be a smart business decision to take advantage of it. So should I agree with them to put up a printing business? I am not sure yet, I know there is printing business in town that progressed, I know some partnership works. But let me still think about it.

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