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Cancelled Trip, A Getaway and a Birthday Party

Oh well, too bad that I did not pursue the travel plan I had posted here a week ago. I thought it was no longer needed so I did not pursue it, I didn’t know that even if I pursue it or did not. I would still expect nothing. I guess, you are confused what I am saying here right now on the other note, my kids and I still had a getaway, we spent overnight in the newest hotel here in town and we had so much fun in the pool. It looks like it was the continuation celebration of my nephew’s birthday because it was his birthday the day before we went to the hotel and they were with us when we went there.

If you would ask me about the birthday party, well, the celebrant was so happy to receive a birthday cake from us. It was put inside a box when I delivered it to their house, the box has been closed too tight that his Dad has to borrow a box cutter from the neighbor. Good thing the neighbor has varieties of box cutters; we were no longer worried to open the box. The celebrant was so surprised when he saw the cake; it was his favorite cartoon character Ben 10. And the fun time in the pool the next day is still a treat from us so he was contented and was so delighted with our little surprises to him.

Wishing I Could Get To Travel Again

I have now the chance to travel to Manila this time but I am still waiting for a confirmation for it to happen, yesterday after I have my car fixed, I went to the travel agency to inquire for the fare. It is P 3,016.00 pesos though, it’s a bit expensive but I guess if you have to book it like ahead of time, I am sure it is not that big but what can I do? We have done that before and it just didn’t work out right, the result was, we were just like wasting our time to pay the booking fee, imagine it was worth P17, 000.00 for me and my two kids but we didn’t get to travel because of some reasons. But here I am still longing, hoping, and wishing that someday I could get to travel again.