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Don’t let These New York City Photo Ops Pass You by on Your Wedding Day

The trend of destination weddings has made New York City a favorite location among many brides to be. It is easy to see why. The Big Apple is filled with beautiful churches and upscale venues that are sure to impress your guests. Best of all, the city has many wonderful places where a bride and groom can have their photos taken. Don’t let these favorite hot spots pass you by.

The Skyline

New York City has a beautiful skyline that looks fabulous behind any young couple on their big day. There are several parks where the buildings will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Be sure to have the photographer take a wide enough angle to capture the feel of New York perfectly. Don’t forget to utilize roof top gardens as well. The view looking down over the city is breathtaking. These are also great locations for pictures of the entire wedding party.

Tourist Spots

Many of New York’s tourist hot spots can make excellent photo ops on your wedding day. The Victorian stone of Belvedere Castle is perfect for the traditional bride while the cobblestone streets of the meatpacking district can add a contemporary look to any picture. The Conservatory Garden provides the perfect floral background, and even the hustle and bustle of Times Square can lend its hand to a truly iconic wedding photo that will showcase your destination beautifully.

Your Transportation

You probably put a lot of thought, time, and money into the wedding transportation NYC has to offer for the day. Why not include it in your photos? A rented classic car can be quite elegant when photographed behind the bride and groom at sunset. A horse and carriage is always a beautiful option, and limousines such as those from Hollywood Limo always add an elegant touch to any bride and groom’s photos.

No matter which of these beautiful and unique settings you choose as the background for your NYC wedding photos, you are sure to have pictures that will be amazing. Everything from the skyline to any one of the numerous attractions found within the city will be sure to make your photos become a beautiful keepsake.

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Reasonable Price For A Car

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A friend of mine used to own a 1995 Lincoln Continental.  He loved that car, but it finally began to cost more to repair then the car was worth, after all, sentimentality on goes so far when it hits your budget.  So he donated it to charity, since it had quit running and began looking for a replacement vehicle.

Being on a fixed income, he wanted something that was serviceable and affordable.  He was not necessarily looking for a new car, but if one could be found at a reasonable price.  So where did he go to find a good deal?  He went to

Knowing my friend as well as I does, I was surprised at the car he ended up buying.  I thought he would go for a Cadillac or another Lincoln, but a Scion xb?  Well needless to say I was surprised.  But my friend said no matter how much he loved his Lincoln, the Scion was a much better fit for his budget and that he had said that three of his neighbors had the same model Scions.

He told me that he did his research on and was very satisfied with his results.  Now he has a used Scion xb and is happy with his new car.

I am not in the market for a new vehicle at the moment, but I thought I would take a look at the website.  Since I live in a semi-rural area, I have thought about replacing my SUV with a pickup or small truck.

What I learned, is that I really don’t need to go and look through a lot Automobile Dealers to find the vehicle I want.  All I have to do is go to, find a vehicle I might like and the price it is selling for, then go to the dealer and take it for a test drive.

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Just One Touch And He Goes Lively Again

It is indeed so tiring that all of a sudden your car just broke under the dreading heat of the sun.

Last Friday, the car was so conditioned when I started the engine of the car from work. I dropped by in China Bank to run my errands but then when I got back to the car, all a sudden the car won’t start that even if you have your sweat dropped and your soaking wet because it was hot inside the car plus the extremely heat of the sun, it feels like my blood is boiling and was already to explode. I gave up after of so many attempts to start the car. The guards were already looking at me, curious of what happened. I got out from the car and informed that my car just broke and I am so lucky!

I called my mechanic, asked him to come over because I can’t stand that my car will be left alone in the park spot of China Bank, I was thinking already expenses but to hell, I don’t care at all, I need to have it fix, I mean right away.

While waiting for him, I went to Pag Ibig to pay my monthly installment of our house and the other house. I took my lunch and went back to the bank where I left my car. My mechanic is already waiting for me and you know what, he just tightens the wiring of the magnetic and my car got lively again. He just started it like twice and viola!

Grocery shop must be done otherwise we don’t have anything to eat at home so I asked my mechanic if we can drop by at the mall for me to shop some foods, afterwards I was driving home, finally!


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Groupon Coupons Valuable Assets For Us

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Saving money is very important to us.  We live on a fixed budget without much flexibility.  Most of our money goes to day to day necessities and paying our bills.  So any time we have a chance to save money we do it.  We do our best to take advantage of sales, coupons and any other kind of discounts we can to stretch our budget.

We have two daughters in school and we always put them first when it comes to their needs.  That’s why things like Groupon Coupons, are a valuable asset when planning a purchase.  School will be starting here soon so it’s time for us to start getting what our girls need.  From pencils to computers we can find a Groupon Coupon to help us save money.

We were surprised to learn about some of the items we can save money on, everything from auto parts, household appliances, to travel can be had by using a Groupon Coupon.

 photo Untitled.jpg

I was not really a big coupon user before, clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines just seemed to be too time consuming.  About the only coupons we used before we’re those that came in the mail or we by the item we wanted to purchase in the place we were shopping.  Now all we have to do is go on the internet and find what we need from such great places as Khols, Neiman Marcus, or products like Nike, travel like Hotwire or American Airlines.  It makes us much easier for us to save.

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