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Cavanico Beach Resort In Samal

Just this month, that was December 2nd to be exact, we were able to join our previous swimming team to their Christmas Party. I tagged with me my niece Mariel as well; we met our friend in Jollibee at Ulas so we can go together in Cavanico Beach Resort in Samal. We arrived at the resort at least before noon. The resort was amazing; they have lots of things you can do there. The view is breathtaking, even if the  resort was a bit near the port. They were able to organize everything. The resort also has pool if you don’t like to soak yourself in the beach. They have activities paraphernalia, like speed boat, banana boat, things that you can enjoy in water. The rooms that we rented is clean, beds stored there can accommodate 8 people. From the entrance, since the cottage we rented was a bit far, they have small cabs that you can ride to go to your cottage so you have the option to walk or get a ride.

Of course whenever you go to Samal, expect a white sand then.

My youngest daughter with her signature pose

I and niece in the bedroom 

Take a look at the view

If you want to check for more please visit their Facebook page and or you can contact them on this phone numbers: 09173207349, 09985809837. Landline numbers are: 082 225 1562 and 082 225 1625.


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Christmas Decorations Are Up

Halloween is over and now everyone is taking down the creepy decorations in the mall and in the village. And when Halloween decorations are taking down, Christmas decorations are up. Yes, even when September starts I could hear Christmas songs already in the mall and now most malls are putting Christmas decorations already. The Christmas tree is seen already in the malls, but me I am just not so ready for Christmas. It sounds like sad or maybe you don’t understand but I am still minding our problem with this house. I know, I know, I mean who am I to complain? There are still people who had problems more than I this time, or people who are battling for any illness that healing is their most precious gifts this Christmas, me is just penny for them. I am trying though, I am trying not to mind this problem, I am trying to be happy and be cool about it but I just can’t avoid getting worried. I am really already stressed on this, which is why I will work again, I should work. I just hope not to get used again of working otherwise…

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If Only, I Will

Christmas and New Year is over yet I did not give anything to my husband as a gift. If only I have extra I might give him the Reeds for guy harvey jewelry, my husband was a navy and one of their necklaces has a print of Navy and I guess he would be delighted to receive this one. But last month, we decided to move in to the new house and I spent some cash for it. On the other hand, my husband was okay about it, he even told me not to buy anything for him, he arrived on January 2, my kids and I went out to fetch him in the airport. It was early in the morning so there is no traffic jams whatsoever. He would be with us the whole month in January and I am just so happy that he is with us once again.

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No Christmas Decoration For Mana This Time

The whole town is looking forward for the Christmas Decoration that Mana would put up every Christmas. Mana as far as I could remember sells antiques appliances and collections and every year they would spend I guess millions just to put up Christmas decorations that everyone can be inspired, and experienced at least a white Christmas. Yeah the previous themes were white Christmas; you could see giants Christmas tree, sparkling Christmas lights, and benches that full of fake snowflakes, Christmas village and the like. However now, Mana would be bare, they decided to donate the money that supposed to spend in Christmas Decoration; the money will be donated to Yolanda Survivors.

That decision even though makes me sad because I want to have my picture taken there this Christmas, lit up what’s the true meaning of Christmas. It is about giving and sharing of your blessings to those people whose unfortunately the victim of calamities. More than anything else they are the one who needs you, us, and them this Holiday season. As what Bea Rose Santiago said, the one who won the crown for Ms. International 2013:

“The whole world saw how my country suffered. One by one, other countries helped. You have opened my heart and eyes on what we can do to help each other. I will work to sustain the spirit of sympathy and spirit of hope. As long as we work together, there is hope.”

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