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TT # 16: Old Church in Dagupan

One day when we ventured the place as we wait for our kids to finish their screening, I spotted this old church at Calasiao, Dagupan; I immediately took my camera out in my bag and took a picture of the church.

The church is San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao, and it is at the same building of the shrine of Senor Divino Tesoro. It was build 1933-1934.

Calasiao is where the quarter of my daughter was located. If you are from Dagupan proper downtown, you can just take a Jeepney and it will send you to the town hall of Calasiao where the San Pedro y San Pable de Calasiao is situated.

Calasiao was derived from the native word kalasian, which means a place where the lightning frequently occurs. From the root word lasi, means lightning. The Spaniards called the place “Lugar de Rayos“, which is a literal Spanish translation of the word Kalasian.



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Stunning Design and Glamorous Color

I have mentioned this yesterday that a new altar has been renovated at the church I sometimes went for, to hear mass. I was so amazed with the bright gold color and the design was just so stunning. My daughter told me not to take pictures because it is not allowed especially inside the church, but as persistent as I am, I secretly took a picture of it. When I was not satisfied, I did it again. When Jm noticed it she immediately told me enough, tsk, tsk, tsk, so stubborn.

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The New Altar

One thing I noticed with the church that we went to today was the new renovated altar. It looks like you are in a place where the altar was so prestige and so glamorous. This altar was painted gold and it really looks like it is a genuine, it amazed me big time. The style was somewhat vintage but it is greatly designed, I wonder who is the architect of the altar because he just done a good job. I was able to take a picture after the mass while my kids went to the priest so he could bless them. Jm was so concerned because they had been told at school that it is a no no to take some pictures inside the church, well I guess I was being so stubborn there.

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