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Camp Holiday Or Paradise?

Since March I’d been planning a beach getaway with my family, I was thinking Camp Holiday but recently I am contemplating with that and Paradise Beach Resort.

Camp Holiday offers almost everything, they have beach, of course obviously, we’re talking about sea water, the thing is that it is beside a port and everyone going to the port or in the barge itself, everybody can see us swimming. I mean duh? It’s a beach resort of course you can see everyone swims. On the other hand they also have swimming pool if you like to soak in chlorine water. I am sure, my kids especially Faith would love and will enjoy the place.


 photo CAMPHOLIDAY2_zpsrbuhhtf7.jpg

 photo CAMPHOLIDAY1_zps30c9fvdz.jpg

Why confused all a sudden of what beach I wanted to go with my family?

Convenience for all of us and money matter of which place is the most affordable. And besides I miss Paradise, it has been a while since I haven’t been in the resort. The last time I went there is with a friend and her family, and it was like how many years ago already.

 photo paradise1_zpsya3oczmn.jpg

 photo paradise2_zpsprlmrdpe.jpg

On the other hand, I supposed to call the resorts today but geez I was not feeling well this afternoon. I was in the mall ready to grocery shop but after I took my lunch my stomach aches so much that I could not even walk, when I went home I seek for my bedroom right away and lay down for how many hours. My youngest daughter put some menthol ointment on my tummy to relieve the pain. I woke up late and the offices are all close. I hope I can make a call tomorrow so to finalize this family getaway.

Disclosure: Pictures are not mine but from their websites

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Family Fun Time In Provo

When thinking of family vacations, I think of the beach, my husband thinks of amusement parks or the mountains. He really loves the mountains and me and the kids love the beach. Maybe it’s because he sunburns easily and my two daughters are practically water bugs. So when we think of a beach vacation, we normally think of California, Hawaii or Florida. But who would of thought of a beach resort in Provo Utah of all places? Well there is a great Salt Lake there and my husband lived in Salt Lake City for a couple of years when he was growing up.

I get a lot has changed since then and he certainly had not heard of a beach resort in Provo. Well when thinking of places to vacationing, have some Provo Fun is not such a bad idea. I mean me and the girls can get our beach time and still make him take us up to the mountains. I think we can all have fun there.

While we are having fun at the Provo Beach Resort, he can watch us and read a book because I know he will be covered in sun screen because he burns so easily, while me and the girls will just get darker. So if you want to get some date ideas in Provo for your family, you should check it out. I am sure fun can be had for all. So now when we think about a beach vacation, Prove will be on the list.

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Best Spot For Bonding and Romantic Date

There are many pergolas I have seen in the movie, and I so love all the designs they have shown. One of them that I was really mesmerized with was the one in the twilight wherein the lead characters dance so slowly during their prom. On the other hand, maybe it would be great if I would hire someone to install a gazebo or pergola in our front yard. It would be our best spot for bonding moment in the afternoon, wherein my kids and I could talk anything or reading together or playing board games. Who knows my husband would also take my hand and dance with me there, it is also the best spot for romantic date.

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Blue Monday # 3: Ocean Park

It was two years ago that we visited the Manila Ocean Park, my husband was here and so we went there to explore and to have mini vacation with the kids. On June we plan to go back there not with my husband though but with some friends and their kids as well.