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Fiesta Celebrated In My Sister’s House

And so this is our second Fiesta in our village, and yet I did not prepare foods but my sister Irenie invited us for dinner in their house. Her husband cooked some dinner for all of us. And to add the celebration, we brought our Karaoke in their house so to add up some noise, I mean the celebration.

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Us during dinner, my sister said that even just a simple preparations, simple foods in the table it is already serve as saying thank you for HIM for all the blessing HE gave us. I stopped for a moment, my sister is right, maybe next time I will.

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After we enjoyed our dinner, my eldest daughter turned the Mega Pro right away so we can all sing. We celebrated the Fiesta until it was 11:30 in the evening.

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Kadayawan Fest In The Pool

The Kadayawan Festival is ended but not the pool competition. The competition will be held in Ateneo De Davao Highschool this Saturday, and yes my daughter will join the competition hoping she will be qualified in Batang Pinoy next month. This Kadayawan Swimming Competition is also the qualifying base for Batang Pinoy, Mj however is hoping but with her training nowadays I am not sure at all. Anyway, the important is she does not lose hope of somehow she would gain to get some medals again. So far for this year she does not get anything yet hopefully with the upcoming competition she will.

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Some Pictures In Kadayawan Festival 2014

My niece was able to join the Kadayawan Festival last Sunday. And since we had agreement to share the pictures she took so here I am posting it. All the pictures were so bright, but sad to say she was not able to take pictures of the float, only faces for their humanities subject.

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I Can’t Go Out In Kadayawan But My Niece Will

Wow, the time really flies so fast because it is now August 14 and guess what Kadayawan is really just around the corner but sad to say I will not be able to watch the parade this Sunday because my niece have a project at school. They are task to take some pictures of the event and the pictures should be presented to their Humanities Subject. We don’t have DSLR camera but she just borrowed mine and she said she will also borrow the DSLR of her classmate. I told her to share the pictures and she agreed so even though I could not roam around on that day taking pictures of the parade, my niece will be there and I am sure I will have great pictures. My niece loves taking pictures, she will edit it using the photoshop and it really looks good.

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