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Flying To MARS?

I had been hearing this speculations from before. One of my friends said that the NASA is inviting people to fly to MARS. I was even laughing but wondering if we could really do that. They are inviting people to stay in MARS for months or years to know if the planet is livable, I was even asked if I would say when invited, if that’s the case I will have to bring my kids.

On the other hand, a friend of mine shared a link of a website inviting some people to go to MARS. You just have to encode your name and you will get a boarding pass. I encode my name and my kids name, our flight would be on December 4, I asked my niece if she wants to come and she laughed. I told her we will spend our Christmas in Mars and she laughed again. LOL

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During Flight Delays

When you travel, I know our mind sets already that most of our stuffs will be deposited and mostly our carry on bag is just our laptop or shoulder bag. But you know that delayed flights could not be avoided, what if you will get stuck in the airport what will you use when you have to brush your teeth or when you need to change your clothes. Thus, when you travel by plane make sure to have a carry on bag where you can store few clothes that you can wear for at least 2 days, don’t forget also toothpaste and toothbrush. You should store a hygiene kit as well.

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Canceled Flights To Give Way For Radar Maintenance

To those who are having domestic flights right now, you must be informed that there are at least 74 domestic flights have been cancelled for the radar maintenance in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The company said that they were advised that the schedule for maintenance will take place on October 23, 2013 from 12:01 am to 6:00 in October 24.

These are the Canceled Flights for Cebu Pacific

October 23:
5J 385/386: Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
5J 391/392: Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
5J 196/197: Manila-Cauayan- Manila
5J 899/900: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 911/912: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 575/576: Manila-Cebu-Manila
5J 557/556: Manila-Cebu-Manila
5J 562/553: Cebu-Manila-Cebu
5J 580/581: Cebu-Manila-Cebu
5J 572/571: Cebu-Manila-Cebu
5J 885/886: Manila-Cotabato-Manila
5J 973/974: Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 969/972: Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 975/966: Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 625/626: Manila-Dumaguete-Manila
5J 457/458: Manila-Iloilo-Manila
5J 459/460: Manila-Iloilo-Manila
5J 323/324: Manila-Legazpi-Manila
5J 523/524: Manila-Naga-Manila
5J 504/505: Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila

October 23 and 24:
5J 893/894: Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 561/562: Manila-Cebu-Manila

For more details you can copy paste this to your browser:


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Subscribing To Get Discounts

I subscribe these discounts online for hotels and flights, I am so happy that they did not forget to email when there is promotions for a certain hotel or airline. I whispered to myself finally I can travel outside the country with discounts but to my disappointment every time I open the promotion it would lead me to their website and the amount is totally different at all. My husband said I may need to delete some emails because it might load up or overload, I already did that but I still don’t see the amount that they are promoting. Although yes even though the price does not match with my email when I am directed to their website, they still have a tremendous discounted fare or hotel rates. But I still want the one they emailed me; maybe I’ll have to wait more until I grab the chance. Besides I am not in a hurry to book for flights or hotel, I know my fortune would come for traveling outside the country. I’ll have to patiently wait for the right time.

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