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Sale Is Also Over

The Kadayawan Festival is over, thank GOD that the local government added more securities for the safety of the people who would watch the parade and will join the activities. Sigh, since the Kadayawan Festival is over, the mall wide sale is also over, and I am sure the mat that I am looking for will not be also discounted if ever I would see it now. Yes, I was looking to buy antifatigue mats during the mall wide sale but sigh they don’t have any available at that time. And even if it will be available today, I could not afford it anymore because the sale season is already over. Anti-fatigue mat can be used in the floor where water is present like in the kitchen for the whole area to always dry. Anyway buying mats can wait, because we don’t have a house yet and our kitchen is too small. In fact, there’s only one person can fit in to the kitchen area

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Slamming Doors, Not Good

Both of our girls are very active. The youngest would just as soon run somewhere as to walk. She will run and slam doors and if we did not have door stops, she would surely damage both the wall and the door. Her oldest sister will always chase here when they are playing and should no better but there are times that during the excitement of the chase, she will slam doors too.

Well sometimes they are just too noisy. One thinks though, if it were not for having doorstops, my husband would be stuck with a bunch of minor repair jobs. He can do some of them, but frankly speaking, I am glad neither of us has to make repairs to doors or walls.

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Hinges For Home Projects

Home projects can be either fun or very frustrating. Whether it’s painting a room or repairing a piece of furniture, a door or replacing a hinge it is easy to think that we have bit of more than we can chew. I have replaced hinges before and for me the simpler and easier a hinge is to replace the better for me, piano hinges are easy for me to use. They can support more weight than you might think and their simple manufacture and easy installation makes them ideal for me to use. I don’t mind doing home projects, but for me, the easier and simpler it is to install, repair or paint something the better job I will do.