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LTO Penalties

If you have a car or vehicles, check these penalties that were posted through 911. This should be very helpful so you will be aware of the exact fines and penalties if you have violations. Remember, it is better to be informed than to be fooled in the end. You can’t fine your money in the street; you have to work for it so spend it the right way. Don’t be fooled!

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Maximum Speed Limit In Davao

Our local government has imposed a speed limit; this is good though because the Jeepneys and Taxis that are already over speeding can be controlled. I heard the other day they already catch some drivers who are already over speeding. The Task Force already have a speed gun for them to know if the car is over speeding and so they have to have an example the other day so other drivers would know that they are serious about this new law. Our Mayor imposed this speeding law since we have numbers of accidents already here in the city; he is doing it to minimize the accidents. My friend said this one is posted along San Pedro, so to all the drivers out there beware.

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